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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Abstract Abstraction

There’s an excellent post that links to many current abstractionists by Martin Bromirsky on the wonderful anaba blog. He recently received notice of a book that is coming out by Bob Nickas called “Painting Abstraction” which looks to be this years “Vitamin P.” Martin is tireless and thorough in his pursuit of art, and you […]

Run Down

You can hear the air sucking out of the Art World at the end of August. It’s the calm before the storm. But I wanted to point out a couple of things. It seems that more and more artists are starting to question the Postmodern art world. Yesterday a friend sent me this link to […]

Rough Trade – Vision: Form & Structure

“The traditional fine arts rely on the distinction between authentic and fake, between original and copy, between good taste and bad taste; the media blur, if they do not abolish outright, these distinctions. The fine arts assume that certain experiences or subjects have a meaning. The media are essentially contentless (this is the truth behind […]

Between the Lines

I was astounded the other day when I read this article in the Times about Ghost Writing in the medical community. It seems that Postmodernism is everywhere. I know I sound like a paranoid freak, but wasn’t there a time when one was expected to author one’s own work? Weren’t we encouraged to come up […]

Kwik ‘n’ Cheep Promo

Our friend Michael Zahn is currently in a group show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise. The show is entitled “The Living and The Dead” and it presents the scattered Postmodern painting sensibilities that exist here in New York. Michael’s piece is a standout as it takes on not only Postmodern Minimalism but also the ironic naughty […]


I thought I’d point out this wonderful article by Michael Kimmelman that discusses his observations about the way people look at art. In fact you might extrapolate these observations into the larger culture. As we’ve been saying here at Henri, the lens is king and it has changed how we interact with just about everything. […]