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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Summering, Dog Days & Endings

The Art World has gone to sleep as it does over most Summers. I’ve often wondered why this is so. The main reason seems to be that our world follows the gatherings and goings of rich collectors and most of them seem to take the summers off. The concept of “summering” has become part of […]

Painters MIA

I haven’t been in touch with anyone of late. I find that I’m preoccupied with the fleeting moments rather than the overall pictures. As a friend of mine used to say – being in the game is different than watching the game, and another friend used to say – knowing the game ain’t the same […]

Rough Trade – Vision

“I know what I was told a long time ago. The rainbow is the bridge between heaven and earth. It will shatter at the end of the world, once the devil has crossed it on horseback.” The Club Dumas Arturo Perez-Reverte The problem is with thought. How we think. The problem begins in 19 Sixty […]

Bubble Bath

After reading Matt Taibbi’s “must-read” piece on Goldman Sachs and their influence in our culture I couldn’t help but mark the similarities to our own smaller art world. Here Matt describes the Goldman formula for success, one that we see perpetrated in the aesthetic markets on a much smaller scale… “The formula is relatively simple: […]