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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Mario Observes

Mario Naves is back with a wonderful review of the Picasso show at Gagosian. Mario is another sharp and real critic that I admire. And as always he sees straight to the point. Check it out!

Art Writing Etc.

While things have been out of sorts here at Henri for the last few weeks I’ve been trying to stay connected to the art writers I really appreciate. Lately, I’ve been reading Charlie Finch’s work on artnet with both reverence and concern. Charlie’s writing in the last few months has been superlative. He gave an […]

The Conundrum – Style Vs Brand

When the flush of a new-born sun fell first on Eden’s green and gold, Our father Adam sat under the Tree and scratched with a stick in the mould; And the first rude sketch that the world had seen was joy to his mighty heart, Till the Devil whispered behind the leaves, “It’s pretty, but […]

The Old Guy

Roberta Smith reviews the fantastic show at Gagosian gallery of Picasso’s late works. She says it’s… “One of the best shows to be seen in New York since the turn of the century, it proves that contrary to decades of received opinion, Picasso didn’t skitter irretrievably into an abyss of kitsch, incoherence or irrelevance after […]

Getting It…Maybe

Jerry’s new post in NY Mag gives me a little bit of hope. Here he reviews the new show at the New Museum entitled Younger Than Jesus – could there be a better corporate marketing bullshit title for a show? But the show is about young artists who are trying to forge something new in […]

Qwik and Cheap

The past few weeks have been aggressively horrendous so I’ve had to put things on hold. Hopefully I’ll have new posts on 19 Sixty and Style vs Brand shortly. But for now I’ll just point you to a couple of things. Gagosian Gallery is having a show of late Picasso works and judging from the […]