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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Popular Culture – Bubble Culture

I had been waiting for the end of Wall Street. The outrageous bonuses, the slender returns to shareholders, the never-ending scandals, the bursting of the internet bubble, the crisis following the collapse of Long-Term Capital Management: Over and over again, the big Wall Street investment banks would be, in some narrow way, discredited. Yet they […]

Popular Culture – Sucker Punch

Recently the kind folks at my gym installed (a good art verb) flat screens in front of every cardio machine. So I’m trying to find a channel with some music that will help me to keep up with the wildly spinning belt that is constantly threatening me with the terror of fast painful removal and […]

Popular Culture – A Quick Visual Explanation of the Postmodern

A friend challenged me to explain what POMO and Popular Culture had to do with one another in 10 words or less. As I was about to launch into a thick explanation of why that can’t happen, I thought – fuck it. This clip will explain it far better than I ever could. So…I present […]

Erasing Memory – Part 3

This is another “lost and found” post from our recent database crash. I have slightly edited it so that it reads a bit easier.I believe I can see the future Cause I repeat the same routine I think I used to have a purpose But then again That might have been a dream I think […]

Art Fair Polka

The wonderful Dave Hickey has written about his experience in last year’s Frieze art fair. Dave gave a speech that’s still being talked about. I often wondered about his oft-quoted metaphor for youthful exuberance – something about a trombone and a rich guy’s wife on the beach. He used it in his speech and in […]

Polsky’s Real World

I like Richard Polsky’s articles quite a bit. They are reasoned, real world assessments of the market worth of art and the business of the art world. He always seems fair and honest in his appraisals and prescient in his decisions. I found this article really informative as he gives a bit of the financial […]

Popular Culture: Academy of Paint

I recently came across these images by three well known artists. All seem to be working the same ground in the same way. This is Postmodernism at its zenith. And it is what continues to stop painting’s advancement in its tracks. Albert Oehlen‘s painting is from a show at Max Hetzler’s Gallery. Where,¬†incidentally, there is […]