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Category Archives: Pablo Picasso

The Old Guy

Roberta Smith reviews the fantastic show at Gagosian gallery of Picasso’s late works. She says it’s… “One of the best shows to be seen in New York since the turn of the century, it proves that contrary to decades of received opinion, Picasso didn’t skitter irretrievably into an abyss of kitsch, incoherence or irrelevance after […]

Figuring It Out – Part 1

Abstract figuration. There – the dirty, filthy words have been said. You can almost here the air rush from the room. No one, it seems, has any need for such a disreputable beast. I am exaggerating, hopefully, but after the debacle of Eighties NeoExpressionism, the failure of Postmodern abstraction and the continuous ABFIG hegemony displayed […]