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Category Archives: Vision

Vision – Late

Everyone will have noticed how much easier it is to get hold of a painting, more particularly a sculpture, and especially architecture, in a photograph than in reality. It is all too tempting to blame this squarely on the decline of artistic appreciation, on a failure of contemporary’ sensibility. But one is brought up short […]

Vision – Provocation

Clement Greenberg BBC Interview – double click to play In the surprisingly candid and touching video above Clement Greenberg mentions that many of the artists of the time did not see Pollock as a proper painter. And at the beginning of the clip you might see why. Pollock used paint differently, as a way to […]

Vision – Left Overs

If you haven’t played the video above you won’t get this. This scene begins with Modernism. Right there on the beach are perfect modernist abstractions. They are like sculptures that we come across in museums all over the globe. Only these are not sculptures, they’re barricades, omens for the coming day. Inside the landing craft […]


“…essentially the camera makes everyone a tourist in other people’s reality, and eventually in one’s own.” Susan Sontag On Photography I experience a recurring dream of being in a crumbling house filled with malevolent memories, angry ghosts, shameful failures. I understand why I have the dream, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about […]