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Category Archives: reality

reality_fate addendum

I think Edward Winkleman #classexhibition that’s going on at his gallery. The exhibition was designed by William Powhida and Jennifer Dalton as a critique of the current Art Market system and it has been a gathering place for dissent. The problem with this exhibition and this “dissent” is that I haven’t read or seen much […]


“Among artists, we no longer know what to say to each other, we don’t know if we ought to laugh or cry about it, and doing, my word, neither one thing nor the other we are happiest when we find ourselves in possession of a little paint and canvas, the thing we also lack sometimes. […]

reality_night studio

I’m fooling myself, Fooling myself into believing you All these fictionary tales, You’re telling yourself Selfish, like a child that’s never heard of no I watched him everchanging you, Never find us It’s 1:37 A.M. on a cold January night. You’re alone in a small half empty club, the walls painted black, thick smell of […]

reality_the camera

…But there is something about making a movie… when you are in the reality of the film set, anything is possible. …because the truth of it is, I love the camera…. On Massive Attack’s web site there are a number of links to short movies scored with music from their new album, in other words, […]